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Adopt Me: Wilbur is looking for a new home!

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wilbur dog

Alberta Prime Times, in partnership with Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.

Hello, I'm Wilbur and I am looking for a new home!

Animal Type: Dog

Gender: Male

Colour: Tan

Approximate Date of Birth: May 21, 2020

Breed: Mixed Breed (large)

Intake Date: April 10, 2021

Hi Everyone, I'm Wilbur, known to my foster family as a gentle giant. I'm a big guy, which works perfectly because when you take me for walks, I can snuggle up beside you and you can scratch my ears as we go. What's more perfect than that? I am the most chilled out boy you'll ever meet. Go to your bed, you say, alright, headed there now! Come to you, you say, sure, I'd love to! Roll over for belly scratches? Absolutely, consider it done! I am the world's biggest people pleaser because if my people smile and call me in that sweet dog voice that they use, I will happily run toward you with the biggest smile on my face and just love you up like no one else can! I can't help it, I love my people — boy people, girl people, small people, big people, I love them all! And, because I'm such a cool guy, I like those cats in the house too, even the annoying one that likes to put his nose to mine when I'm sleeping and scare the bejeezus out of me!

I've done pretty well with dogs too, but I'm much more comfortable with female dogs as those boy dogs think they are the top dog and I don't like it too much. When I'm introduced to male dogs with my person helping me, I'm OK because I don't like to hear the 'stern mom voice' from my foster mom, but if I'm being honest, I would prefer if I'm going to have another dog in the home, that it's a she-pup! I'm a pretty shy guy and really don't like very loud noises, but I'm slowly getting better. My foster mom mowed the lawn the other day, and I didn't go hide but I did make sure to keep my distance. I haven't learned to sit yet, because every time my foster mom tries to help me, well, I just lay down. I am a very low energy guy, which is sort of weird because they think I have lab in me.

I had a pretty tough start with SCARS because I was so hungry that I tried to eat a porcupine and that did not go well for me at all. But now I'm feeling better, and my ribs aren't sticking out anymore, but I still prefer to lay around most of the day. My foster mom keeps trying to take me for walks but those are long, and hot, and they require at least 2-3 lay down rests along the way! So if you are looking for an exercise partner, well, let's be honest, I'm probably not the guy for you...unless you need someone to lay there and supervise you! Now, my foster mom says I'm pretty much perfect except for one thing...I really, really, really don't like car rides. I don't know what it is, but it makes me so stressed out getting into a heart starts racing, I get all drooly, I can't sit still, and because all of this is happening to me, I become a bit of a whiner. I don't mean to be, but man I hate that box on 4 wheels. My foster mom keeps trying with little trips all over the place that aren't to the vet, but nope, I still don't like them! I think I'm allowed this one thing...because otherwise, the line-up to adopt me would just get out of control!

So if you are looking for a gentle giant to spend your life cuddling with, I might be the guy for you!!


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