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7 Tips for glass-wearers to avoid fogging from face masks

Glass wearers take heart. There's help for keeping your lenses fog-free when wearing a mask. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

If you wear glasses and you've been wearing your mask at the grocery store, you know about getting fogged up. As you breathe out, your warm breath shoots upwards out the top of the mask. When it hits the colder lens, it cools down, forming condensation, or fogging. Unfortunately, now you can't see the price of that can of beans, or which way the floor arrows are pointing.

Help it at hand. The Australian website offers seven tips to prevent your glasses from fogging up when you're masked up.

1. Soap and water — wash your glasses with regular soap and water, then dry them with a microfibre cloth. This type of cloth typically comes free with each pair of glasses. Facial tissues may leave lint, which attracts moisture to the lenses. Soap reduces surface tension, preventing fog from sticking to the lenses.

2. Shaving foam — apply a thin layer of shaving cream to the inside of your glasses, then gently wipe it off. The residual shaving cream will protect the lenses from misting up.

3. Close the gap on surgical masks — mould the nose bridge at the top of your surgical mask to your face to reduce the gap that allows warm moist air up to the glasses.

4. Twist ties and pipe cleaners — if you make your own cloth mask, add a twist tie (for instance, from a loaf of bread) or pipe cleaner to the top seam of your homemade mask and mould that to your nose for the same effect.

6. Tape — some health professionals apply a strip of tape that’s specially designed for use on skin to the top edge of the mask to close the gap. You can buy a roll online or at the pharmacy.

7. Damp tissue — slightly moistening a tissue, folding it and placing it under the top edge of the mask also does the trick.