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Five ways to enjoy the THIRD ACTion Film Festival online

It's showtime at the THIRD ACTion Film Festival. Take these tips for the best online viewing possible. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Celebrating aging and older adults while advancing the age-positive shift in society, the THIRD ACTion Film Festival in Calgary is offering full length features, documentaries and short films to online audiences this weekend, Oct. 23-25. Check to buy a ticket to a screening, (often with a live introduction and Q and A afterwards) and follow these tips from film fest executive director Mitzi Murray on how best to enjoy the shows. 

Find the easiest route from kitchen to living room, get comfy and set the stage for a great viewing experience using all your senses, said Murray.

1)  Sight- Whether you have a big screen or small, you want to block light and reflection so your viewing will feel like you're in the theatre!  If there are windows, in your viewing area, hang a heavy blanket or pull the blind.

2)  Sound - Keep the noise around you to a minimum, so you can hear the movie!  Use good headphones or earbuds, test your t.v. volume, and forget about doing the laundry or feeding the hungry cat for now, said Murray. It's showtime!

3)  Touch - You want to be cozy and comfortable while watching a movie, so shuffle your seating into an optimal position, grab a pillow or blanket and snuggle up.

4)  Smell - C'mon you must make popcorn when you're at the movies!  Whether air-popped, microwaved or, as I like to do it, shaken about on the stove top in a bit of coconut oil, create that in-the-theatre smell to create the perfect mood.

5). Taste - Don't forget candy, chocolate, licorice or your favourite movie treat. Order in too--it's your personal theatre, Murray said.  Remember, half of the fun is the anticipation of getting ready, as much as the actual event. Enjoy the show!