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Inspiring ideas to create festive cheer at home during the pandemic

Staying home during the holidays this year can still be a treat for the senses. Grab a few ideas and enjoy. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Staying home for the holidays doesn’t need to be a sacrifice. offers ideas on how to light up all your senses this holiday season. 


The multicoloured glow of Christmas lights on a dark winter night is a nostalgic image of Christmas, whether inside or outside the house. Think of new surfaces to string with lights and brighten up your space with their twinkle. 


Fill your home with the smells of the holidays--mulled wine simmering on the stove, pine boughs forming a wreath for the front door, shortbread cookies baking in the oven--these all offer comfort and warm vibes of the season. Try a few scented candles too, and rotate between them each day. Consider focusing on scents you associate with specific memories—the smell will take you back to those moments in ways your other senses can’t. 


Music is the perfect partner for festive cheer. Whether it's round-the-clock carols on the radio, or putting on your favourite Christmas CD (Bing Crosby, Michael Buble are among my favourites), music will take you through the holiday season in good spirits.


Why not walk in nature to find items you can craft with, like pinecones and tree branches. Bring them home and have some fun spray painting them to create festive decorations for your tree or mantle.  A walk is also great exercise and a stress reducer, and can keep you in the moment on a crisp winter day.


Revisit favourite treats--your favourite holiday cookies, desserts and cocktails, sure. Don't forget the turkey or ham dinners and any family specialties you enjoy every year at the holidays. But try something new too, and get your taste buds going with a new side dish or spice for one of your foods. Mix it up.