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Manage Stress in Challenging Times

Free online workshops presented by AHS offer breathing techniques to combat stress. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

If the stress of COVID-19 has got you down, you're not alone. Albertans looking for ways to identify and manage stress can join free online workshops in coming weeks that offer the tools needed to deal with stress as it happens. 

"t's the unknown around COVID-19 that causes stress for so many of us, so we want to make sure short-term stress doesn't become a chronic situation," said Colleen Pruden, education consultant for Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention with Alberta Health Services (AHS). "Sometimes you have to wait to be able to deal with a problem, but the breathing techniques we demonstrate are easy to learn and can help right at the time people are experiencing stress."

Transform Your Stress: The Resilience Advantage — Strategies for Managing Stress in Challenging Times, is a workshop that includes a basic discussion of stress and different ways to manage it, including two HeartMath® breathing techniques. Pruden and other certified facilitators will lead up to 100 registered attendants in learning about the stress response, identifying warning signs of stress, making an action plan to address stress and understand how emotions impact the body, brain and overall health.

"We know mental health is as important as physical health, so we discuss how people's resilience can be enhanced through use of breathing tools," added Pruden. "The information and breathing techniques are suitable for anyone over age 16."

Registration is open for the following workshops:

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