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No-cook strawberry jam

It's the easiest strawberry jam ever. Keep it in fridge or freezer and you're good to go! Photo: Stock image

What could be better than a low-fuss, low-maintenance way of making jam – requiring no cooking and no canning beyond pouring it into jars! I end up with about 7 - 8 ounce jars.


4 cups crushed strawberries (about a gallon uncrushed)

5 Tablespoons Instant Pectin

1 +2/3 cup Sugar


Wash strawberries. Remove tops and slice into a bowl, pausing from time to time to crush with a potato masher.

In a separate bowl, stir together instant pectin and sugar. Pour into strawberries and stir for three minutes, or until sugar is dissolved.

Ladle into clean jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace to allow for expansion during freezing. Cover with lids and allow to sit out for thirty minutes. Place in fridge if you will use within next few weeks, or freeze for longer term storage.