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Ponder these podcasts

Podcasts are prolific--you'll find them on every topic. Consider these four when you peruse the options.

Podcasts are everywhere and on every topic you can think of: music, entertainment, current events, business, and the list goes on. Here's four to check out when you have time for a listen. Podcasts can be found wherever you get your streaming music and other information.

Here's a timely and relevant listen on Diversity vs. Inclusion: What's the Difference? In this episode of The Conference Board of Canada's Carrying On podcast, Dr. Bill Howatt talks about identifying biases, insisting on fairness and equality and seeking to understand. While the terms diversity and inclusion are often paired together, they don't mean the same thing.  Howatt explains how while it's possible to achieve a statistically diverse workforce, companies can struggle to create an inclusive workplace culture.

Hugh Segal on guaranteed income: Millions have been relying on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) these past few months. But people concerned about fighting poverty are looking to draw lessons from the pandemic for the future. Discussing experiments with basic income from the past, Canadian political strategist Hugh Segal examines what may be a new approach to helping the poor in Canada. Part of The Conference Board of Canada podcast series.

Dr. Volker Gerdts on the search for a vaccine: Labs around the world are racing to find a vaccine for COVID-19. Once we have it, how do we produce it at a scale to meet worldwide demand? Where does Canada fit in this race? Dr. Volker Gerdts is director and CEO of one of North America's largest vaccine and infectious disease research institutes at the University of Saskatchewan. He's here to talk about the search for a cure. Conference Board of Canada. Episode release date: July 14, 2020

CBC Radio The Loop: If you want a quick update on the ins and outs of Edmonton, check out The Loop, with host Tara McCarthy from CBC radio. There's a deeper dive on stories from the CBC Edmonton newsroom that can bring you closer to your community, in themes including Systemic Issues Call for Systemic Change and Adapting Business and Culture. See to find the podcast.