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Special Christmas treat for some Alberta seniors

The digital version of The Citadel Theatre's A Christmas Carol is being streamed to seniors across the province. Photo: Raoul Bhatt

Covenant Care, which operates facilities for seniors in communities across Alberta, is streaming the digitized version of the Citadel Theatre's 'A Christmas Carol' to its residents this holiday season. Covenant Care will provide the show to around 900 seniors in nine facilities around the province.

Covenant Care has a master channel with Telus through which they can provide a feed that plays in resident's rooms. Captioned video is available for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

David van Belle's adaptation of Charles Dicken's classic tale of redemption was first brought to the Citadel stage in 2019. Because of the pandemic, audiences haven't been able to gather and enjoy this longstanding Edmonton tradition again. So this year, The Citadel and artistic director Daryl Cloran decided to film the production for on-demand streaming to audiences across Canada through Dec. 31. 

The filmed tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge, who is redeemed after visits from ghosts past, present and future, is beloved. The Citadel Theatre's production is a new take on the story, set in a department store in post-war times, and featuring lavish costumes and favourite songs of the season--I'll Be Home for Christmas among them. 

"This season truly is magical--it has a way of bringing people and organizations together to uplift those around them," said Derrick Bernardo, president of Covenant Care. "Seniors have been heartbreakingly hard-hit by the pandemic. Offering them theatre and musical performances is a beautiful, unexpected gift that will fill their hearts with hope."

We are grateful to the The Citadel Theatre for their wholehearted support of this tiny idea. It will undoubtedly have a big impact on our residents."

The public can stream the show for a 48-hour period through Dec. 31, at a cost of $40 per household. Call 780-425-1820 to order a streaming pass, or see for ticket details.