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Your Voice: poetry

Reader share, thoughts, letters and opinions with Alberta Prime Times. Photo: Metro Creative Connection



Hey you; stuck on the street, with not a care in the world

Your hair all in knots and your nails long and curled

I have pity for you and a little bit of shame

So busy with my life, I don’t even know your name


If you ask me for change, I might pull out my money

I’ll hand over so little, it’s not even funny

I am so healthy and strong and successful today

I wonder what it’d take, for me to be your way


If you were my child, so lonely and hopeless

I would do all I could, to get you out from that mess

But my children are successful and I’m doing just fine

I guess I don’t have to worry, if the worry’s not mine…




I think I have a toothache and it might be getting worse

I can already feel my Dentist’s hand deep down in my purse

I should make an appointment; I hope it won’t be long

He’s extracting so much money; it seems like it’s so wrong


He really needs a snow blower, so he tells me to come in

He’s looking for a problem, where none has ever been

He’s drilling and he’s probing and I don’t like the smell

But my mouth is stuffed with cotton, so I can’t even yell


I’m staring at the ceiling, trying to catch my breath

Choking on the water and wondering what the heck

I’m paying him a fortune, for all this pain and suffering

Why I keep on doing this, is just down right puzzling


I promise to be brushing every morning and at night

And floss after every meal, to treat my teeth just right

Next time he needs to go, to Hawaii or to Rome

I will not be coming in, so he may just have to stay at home




Different color skin, different clothes, or a different name

To be proud of our difference should cause us little shame

And the fact that we are different, is a miracle of life

A good reason for celebration and no need for any strife


Such a privilege to be human and what a great delight

Every life is different and should be lived with all its might

And when that might is challenged and our tempers flare

We need to find common ground, something that is fair


Our existence is not easy, when our egos have their say

So many human emotions, seem to just get in the way

Labels stuck in our history and too often common belief

Coming back to haunt us and causing so much grief


My ancestors didn’t like them, then I don’t like them too

That is in our family history, so what are we to do

We can’t erase our past, that’s part of who we have become

But we still need to live together, or we will become undone





Hang on to your face mask; another wave is on its way

This virus is getting smarter and stronger every day

It’s entering our wind pipes and down into our lungs

Building up their families that weighs on us in tons


So no ones going nowhere, we’re stayin close to home

Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, so little room to roam

I’m bumping into loved ones that I thought I knew

Now most of what they’re doing, makes me want to stew


The toilet paper roll is empty and you forgot to flush

How hard is it to hit the sink, every time you brush

There are water droplets everywhere; I can hardly see my face

Those things left on the counter, all have their rightful place


You used to be so perfect, in all the things you say and do

And lately I’ve been thinking, you’ve lost a screw or two

So I’m searching on the Internet, just to have some fun

This virus might be killing us, in many more ways than one