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3 unique Father’s Day gifts for the dad who has everything

Dads just want hugs and cards, right? Nah, get dad a little more, maybe one of these gift ideas?
What to get dad this year? Check out these ideas. Photo supplied.

Buying unique Father’s Day gifts can be hard because, chances are, he’s already buying all the stuff he wants throughout the year. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to get someone who has it all, here are some thoughtful and unique Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad.

  • For the grill master: When it comes to grilling essentials, dad can never have too much. In addition to necessities like tongs, spatulas and brushes, don’t forget about seasonings, specialty meats and chef’s tools when you’re pondering gift ideas. Consider building a themed meal kit, complete with high-end, marinated meat, new specialty knives, a variety of smoker wood chips and fresh, seasonal vegetables to help them create new barbecue masterpieces to brag about.

  • For the travelling man: Travel is back in full swing as many are looking to make up for lost time over the past few years. For a dad on the go, consider gifting a new laptop so he can watch movies, easily document his trips, and store tons of photos or travel videos in one place. Look for one with a quality assurance badge like an Intel Evo sticker. It guarantees extended battery life, the fastest internet connection and top-tier performance.
  • For the dad who likes to kick back and relax: Whether your dad likes to sit back and enjoy an iced coffee, neat Scotch or simple cocktail, the newest hot trend is artisanal ice. Bring out his inner bartender and look for a variety of silicone ice trays in trendy new shapes, like large spheres that are perfect for spirits, or giant single cubes that melt slowly to ensure balanced cocktails.

Whatever you decide for Father’s Day, make it something that’s as special as he is and shows appreciation for all he brings to you and your family.