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Affordable vacation ideas for the whole family--including your furry friends

You can bring your pet along on the family vacation, just follow these tips.
Take your pet on the road! Photo supplied.

Vacation season is just around the corner. With prices going up for just about everything, travelling on a budget has become an attractive option. Whether you choose to travel within Canada, the United States, or further abroad, it is possible to protect your wallet while having the time of your life.

Typically, the most affordable vacation for many Canadians is keeping it close to home. This country offers some of the most unforgettable holiday destinations in the world, including the spectacular northern lights of Yukon, Iqaluit or the Northwest Territories, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and B.C., the expanse of prairie wheat fields, the boreal forests of Ontario and Quebec, and the surf and turf delights of the Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador. Each of these regions has government tourism websites that can help you plan affordable visits.

Whether by car or by air, travel within Canada also makes it easier to bring your pet along for the adventure. Bringing your pet to another country can involve more costs, lots of rules and requirements. Depending on the location, travelling with your pet can expose them to health risks. Be prepared to pay for vaccines and other treatments that may be required.

When travelling with your pet, check that you have the proper documentation. If you decide to take a trip across the border into the U.S., make sure you meet the import requirements to be able to enter the country and return to Canada. These include having the proper ownership papers and current, valid proof of your pet’s vaccination against rabies. Without this information, your pet may be refused entry into the country.

If travelling by air within Canada, be sure to give the airline advance notice that you’re travelling with your pet. The airline may also request a current, valid rabies vaccination certificate and other paperwork. Pets you bring onboard must be in a carrier that’s an appropriate size for the animal and meets airline requirements. In the case of assistance dogs, they must be properly leashed and controlled at all times.

By planning ahead, you, your family and your pet can have an enjoyable and affordable vacation with no surprises.

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