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Countdown to calorie-palooza: a.k.a. Christmas

Don't deprive yourself of holiday celebrations; just add in these extras, say experts.
Deprivation never works; so enjoy the holidays, and then take a walk! Photo: Pinterest

The countdown is on. Christmas, aka calorie-palooza is a mere 20 sleeps away. With the food festivities fast approaching, families and friends are getting set to loosen belts, tighten bibs and dive into all the food with reckless abandon.

1.     Take guilt off the table. Make a deal with yourself that if you want stuffing, ham or pecan pie, you can have it.

2.     Adapt your holiday workout.  Don’t overwhelm yourself. Split your physical activity into smaller, more manageable time intervals. Take a 10-minute walk a couple of times during the day.

3.     Get a head start on your New Year’s goal. Get a pre-emptive workout in before the holidays starts.

4.     Don’t get hangry. Skipping meals can cause you to get too hungry, which can cause you to eat too fast.