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Start (or keep) moving, Calgary

Exercise clinic offers reminders of the benefits of moving our bodies, all life long
Regular exercise important at every age. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Did you know there are 6.3 million Canadians over the age of 65 living with chronic health conditions, obesity, chronic pain or mental health conditions?

We've all been told 150 minutes of exercise weekly prevents and treats chronic health conditions and is essential for anxiety, stress and depression. And during the pandemic, all Canadians (and especially seniors) became more inactive, making a return to exercise that much more important now. 

As Calgary's LIVE WELL hosts a grand opening a year after it actually opened during the pandemic, experts remind seniors and those with chronic health conditions, that a gym workout can offer a safe, supervised space, small group training and even monitoring of vital signs for exercisers.

"The challenges of the last few years has made my mission even greater,” said Colinda Hunter, owner of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic (Calgary, Southwood), a fitness franchise with locations across Canada. “Many of us have struggled to be active the past few years, and it’s important that people know they are not alone. Healthy habit change is hard, but we start low and move slow, meeting members where they are at."

“The need for physical activity has never been greater, '' added Sara Hodson, CEO of LIVE WELL and President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. “Exercise is the most powerful medicine to prevent and manage chronic health conditions and improve our mental health. It is time to embrace health as a nation."

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic grand opening/anniversary event happens Saturday May 14th 10 am- 1 pm at #104 - 10333 Southport Road SW. The day's events include workouts, and educational discussions on exercise and weight management, nutrition and how to prevent and manage high blood pressure.

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