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Tips for easy post-celebration clean up

Break down the task of post-holiday cleaning into smaller, easy-to-achieve tasks.
Make cleaning up after the holiday parties less of a chore with these tips. Photo supplied.

Hosting family and friends during the holiday season is special, but the clean up before and after a big event isn’t as fun. Use the tips below to make cleaning a little easier.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it
Cleaning an entire house in one go is overwhelming. Try creating a weekly cleaning schedule in which you complete a different task each day. For example, one day can be dedicated to mopping and vacuuming, while another is straightening up and emptying the trash. Breaking down cleaning tasks into smaller daily chores helps give you time back.

2. Clean as you go
When hosting a dinner party, load up your dishwasher with as many pots and large kitchen tools as you can and run it while guests are eating. This way, a large number of dishes are already done so your next load will be dinner plates and glassware from your guests. If it’s a party where you’re taking turns unwrapping presents, keep a bag nearby to toss the wrapping paper after every person’s turn.

3. Use quality tools
Half the battle of cleaning your space – whether large or small – is having the right tools to make the job easier. Make sure you have what you need to handle the heavy lifting. Look for an easy to manoeuvre and versatile vacuum that can condense dirt, pet hair and debris. Extra sponges, microfibre cloths and extendable dusters go a long way too.