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Soulmates aren't just for fairy tales

'And they lived happily ever after' is just a fairy-tale ending to most people. But it came true for Marion and Hugh Savage who married 61 years ago.

Computers a step forward for those who use prosthetics

The addition of microprocessors is dramatically improving the lives of people who use orthotics, says the president of the association of Canadian prosthetics professionals.

What the climate change plan means to you

Shannon Phillips admits the calls have been coming in. Seniors, as well as other groups of Albertans, are concerned how the new Alberta carbon levy will impact them.
Get ready to celebrate being Canadian

Get ready to celebrate being Canadian

It's an exciting year to be Canadian! This year commemorates the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Dubbed “Canada 150”, the next 52 weeks will be memorable as Canadians simultaneously reflect on history and look ahead to our nation's future.
Laneway house for frail seniors gets tryout

Laneway house for frail seniors gets tryout

An innovative housing development for frail seniors will be conducting a three-month prototype test in Calgary this winter. The Age in Place Laneway House pilot project is a 460 ft.

Study offers free meds for participants

A major, multi-year study into seniors' health is dangling an enticing carrot for participation — free medicine.
Chinatown seniors lose fight to stop development

Chinatown seniors lose fight to stop development

The city's Chinatown community and its mostly-senior residents came out in force at city council in December to stop what they feared would be a permanent development change in the 106-year-old Chinatown area.

Revv52 firing on all cylinders after 65 years

It may be celebrating a whopping 65 years in Calgary, but there is nothing old or stale about Revv52, the choral group that has prided itself on continually reinventing itself for the past six decades.

These non-alcoholic drinks still pack some punch

As wonderful as it is, the holiday season is a challenging time to stay healthy and keep fit with all the parties and endless selection of fat and sugar-filled appetizers.

Preserve your past digitally

In a small building on 7th Street and 16th Avenue NW, home to the Alberta Families History Society library, row upon row of cardboard boxes line the basement walls.