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Calgary News

Rolling Down Memory Lane

Calgary is saying goodbye to one of its most memorable buildings: Rollerland in Forest Lawn. Opened in 1975, it was a originally a warehouse, a one story cement building within walking distance of a junior high and three high schools.

A Wren In Good Times

In late May, I was down in Southern Alberta taking part in a couple of bird and plant species counts.
Historic Calgary Week: From the Future to the Past

Historic Calgary Week: From the Future to the Past

A popular annual mid-summer event that's been a Calgary tradition for the past twenty-four years returns in 2015. Historic Calgary Week (HCW), coordinated by The Chinook Country Historical Society, marks a silver anniversary this year.
The End of a Golden Age

The End of a Golden Age

The Golden Age Club of Calgary (GAC) officially closed this June after 64 years providing programs for low-income seniors. The announcement in the East Village, where the club operated since 1984, has been met with surprise and anger.

The Sounds of Music

Erika Janz was in her early thirties when she and her friend Anne Stollbert dreamt up the idea of creating a German Ladies Choir in Calgary in 1974. Janz had come to Canada from Germany in the 1950s as a child.

The Midlife Hangover

Maybe you have a martini with the neighbours every Friday once the sun has gone over the yardarm; or a beer (or two) at the ball game. Maybe the day before, you shared a bottle of wine with your spouse to celebrate your anniversary.

Eye on Alberta

Once the euphoria of the Alberta NDP's historic election victory subsides, Premier-elect Notley and her leadership team will have to make a fundamental decision about the fiscal-policy path the new government will pursue.

Mind Over Money

There's an old saying that you should never take investment advice from a cab driver, because by the time he gets a stock tip, oodles of other people have already invested and got in on the big returns.

An Urban Eggsperiment

You don't need to live on an acreage to have chickens any more. In fact if you live in Okotoks, you don't even have to leave home.
Ask a Doctor of Optometry: Eye Health

Ask a Doctor of Optometry: Eye Health

There's no denying it - our bodies change as we age and our eyes are no different. The scary part is, many eye conditions and diseases show no symptoms until it is too late and vision loss occurs.