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Do grandparents get more colds from grandkids?

Q. Do grandparents get more colds than seniors without grandchildren? I was unable to find any specific data on grandparents and colds.

Cool cucumbers just right for hot summer days

A juicy cucumber adds a wonderful freshness and crunch to our summer salads. Top of Form Bottom of Form Cucumbers are very cooling and full of health benefits.
New seniors' advocate named

New seniors' advocate named

Sheree Kwong See grew up in a family where seniors were respected, an attitude she doesn't see enough of anymore. “I grew up in a family that really instilled a respect for your elders,” says Kwong See.
Heartless scam artists take aim at trusting seniors

Heartless scam artists take aim at trusting seniors

It's called the grandfather scam, and every year trusting seniors are bilked out of thousands of dollars by phone calls like this: Con-artist: Hi, Grandpa. Victim: Hi. Con-artist: Do you know who this is? Victim: John? Con-artist: Yeah, John.

What CPP contribution changes could mean to you

RAY TURCHANSKY Changes to the Canada Pension Plan proposed by federal and provincial government finance ministers would affect working people as of 2019 and force many young workers to abandon plans of buying a house and having steady employment.

On the Town

ATTRACTIONS AND EVENTS 2016 Summertime Cruises on Glenmore Reservoir – Aug. 4, 11, 18 and 25: Calgary's only paddlewheel boat! Cruises include gourmet hors d'oeuvres/cash bar/entertainment. 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Further info. and tickets: 403-268-8500.
Tennis centre a net gain for the city

Tennis centre a net gain for the city

Gord Bradford and Cecil Hards understand the benefits of staying in motion. The two Calgary seniors have been tennis playing partners for years. Bradford does a great job summarizing what he likes about the sport.

Silver medal was a bad memory for Willie deWit

When Willie deWit came home from the 1984 Los Angeles summer Olympics with a silver medal around his neck, he stored it away somewhere and tried to forget about it.

A quiz of Olympian proportions

Once every four years, people around the world gather in front of their TV screens, or in the often beleaguered host city, to watch the Summer Olympics. Here are 20 questions about the event.

Ukrainians celebrate 125th year in Alberta

It all began with Ivan Pylypow and Wasyl Eleniak. Considered the original Ukrainian immigrants to arrive in Alberta, they were the trailblazers for the first wave of immigrants, and encouraged their fellow villagers to join them.