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The Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada has announced that it expects a multimillion-dollar settlement offer from the Conservative government by spring.

Out-Con the Con Artists

Imagine losing your life savings in one phone call, or because you answered one email. Falling victim to financial fraud is devastating, but it's becoming a reality for more and more seniors.

The Shadows of Industry

One of Alberta's most renowned photographers has turned his lens to the beauty of an old, abandoned piece of Albertan history.

Get In the Swim of Things

Calgary's 55Plus Games Association sponsors clinics to help prepare members and prospective members for participation in the annual summer and winter fun games or for playoffs leading up to the provincial Games.

It's Not Them; It's You

Many people are aware of the signs that an ailing loved one needs help, such as changes in personality, hygiene and difficulty with medication management. What is not so well known are the signs that a caregiver needs help.

Where Rubber Meets Rubble

For most of us the idea of riding our bicycles throughout winter seems crazy, suicidal or – at the very least – terribly unpleasant.

Buckle Up for A Bumpy Year

The plunge in oil prices that started in mid-2014 continues to reach further into the wallets, purses and savings accounts of Albertans in particular.

Open Your Heart to Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds may be tiny, but they have huge health benefits. They were worth their weight in gold during the Middle Ages for many good reasons. The more I learn about this precious seed, the more enthusiastic I am about it.

It's That Time Again

People preparing their 2014 income tax returns with an April 30 deadline can take comfort that changes are already in place affecting their paycheques and social benefits for 2015, while also providing new thresholds for taxation, income planning and

Grey Divorces Hurt the Golden Years

After 40 years of marriage, Sheldon Carl never expected his marriage to come to an abrupt end. “It's been horrible,” he said. “Much worse than I ever expected. And even though my kids are adults, in some ways it's worse, because they saw it coming.