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The Rhythm Kats: Always on Time

When it's time to play, Calgary's oldest band of oldies - the Rhythm Kats - swings into action. This past month, the group has played their hearts out, for about 100 people at the Bow Cliff Senior's Centre, among others.

Seniors Going Hungry

The number, without context, doesn't seem that high: Of the Calgary Food Bank's users, 2.25 per cent are seniors. But when you put that number in context, it's huge. Just ask D.D.
Stretched to the Limit? Try Yoga

Stretched to the Limit? Try Yoga

In her 50's and at the pinnacle of her career, Leanne Shannon decided to leave everything behind. ìPeople call it my mid-life crisis,ì Shannon jokes,ì but I think it's more of an internal journey as you age.

Q&A: The Liberal Plan for Seniors

Calgary Senior News recently did a Question and Answer session with several staff members of the new federal government, focused on senior issues in Canada.
Calgary: Tomorrow's City

Calgary: Tomorrow's City

Calgary is a young city; with a median age of 36.1 years, it's second only to Edmonton in relatively young age among Canada's major metropolitan cities.

All About Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a wonderful treat and very nutritious as well as being exceptionally delicious. Sweet potatoes are a smart carb, they are more nourishing than potatoes and many grains with their higher nutrient values.
The Legend Plays On

The Legend Plays On

Al Muirhead has worn many hats: composer, arranger, trumpet player, recording artist, adjudicator and mentor. The 80-year-old Calgarian is quite simply a legend of Calgary's music scene.

The Majestic Trumpeter Swan

I recently spent a couple of days up in the Grande Prairie area and I was especially keen to see where the Trumpeter Swans have their breeding programs.

AUMA: Hard at Work Behind the Scenes

Although relatively few people in Alberta have heard of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), it would be safe to say that almost everyone in the province has benefited in some way from the work they do.

Letter to the Editor: No Keystone? No Snowbirds

Dear Editor, Between the government of Canada and President Obama, the economy in Canada is going to suffer considerably. That is, as all of you know, the XL Keystone Pipeline has been scrapped for no good reason.