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Buckle Up for A Bumpy Year

The plunge in oil prices that started in mid-2014 continues to reach further into the wallets, purses and savings accounts of Albertans in particular.

Open Your Heart to Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds may be tiny, but they have huge health benefits. They were worth their weight in gold during the Middle Ages for many good reasons. The more I learn about this precious seed, the more enthusiastic I am about it.

It's That Time Again

People preparing their 2014 income tax returns with an April 30 deadline can take comfort that changes are already in place affecting their paycheques and social benefits for 2015, while also providing new thresholds for taxation, income planning and

Grey Divorces Hurt the Golden Years

After 40 years of marriage, Sheldon Carl never expected his marriage to come to an abrupt end. “It's been horrible,” he said. “Much worse than I ever expected. And even though my kids are adults, in some ways it's worse, because they saw it coming.

A Century is Cause to Celebrate

Calgary's first Rotary Club has surpassed its centenary anniversary this year. To celebrate, members asked local author and historian Fred Stenson to write an account of the club's history.

The Price of War

An exhibition commemorating and reflecting on the centenary of the First World War has been bringing visitors from all over the province to one of Calgary's most beloved historical sites.

Homeless and Over the Hill

Calgary was the first city in Canada to embark on the ten-year goal to end homelessness. Seven years in, progress has been slow, says the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Mercy Ships deliver healthcare services to developing countries

Seniors from all over the country are getting on board – literally – to help bring healthcare services to those without access to them in the developing world. Mercy Ships is an international, faith-based organisation that uses volunteers aboard hospital ships to deliver a variety of skills to 70 counties around the world. It was founded in 1978 and has been operating ever since.

Disabled Alberta artist creates hope and inspiration with holiday cards and gifts

When Katie Gerke was a child all she wanted to be when she grew up was a horse. That would have been impossible, yet the way life actually turned out has been next to impossible. Katie was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Drayton Valley with her family at an early age. When she was 15, the family moved to Calgary. Both parents were alcoholics; her mother died from cirrhosis of the liver when Katie was only 19 years old.

Calgary's Best Soup

Last week, I put a call out on Twitter asking people to name their favourite soup in the city, looking for a little help with my research. I expected a sprinkling of responses, but what I got was a deluge. It turns out us Calgarians are soup superfans, and opinions run strong and plentiful. Soup season has barely started and runs a long time so why not branch out and try some of the great suggestions put forward by the soup aficionados?