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Calgary's Best Soup

Last week, I put a call out on Twitter asking people to name their favourite soup in the city, looking for a little help with my research. I expected a sprinkling of responses, but what I got was a deluge. It turns out us Calgarians are soup superfans, and opinions run strong and plentiful. Soup season has barely started and runs a long time so why not branch out and try some of the great suggestions put forward by the soup aficionados?

Dogs with Wings provide much needed guide service

An organization that provides assistance dogs to a variety of special needs sectors in Alberta is in desperate need of help with training their puppies. Dogs with Wings became a registered charity in 1996 and at first dealt with guide dogs only, later adding a service dog program, therapy dogs and eventually including autism service dogs for children.

A snapshot of caregiving today

More than two million Canadians aged 45 years and older provide care on a regular basis to a senior loved one with a chronic health condition. In most cases, family members and friends – known as informal caregivers - provide all of the help that the care receiver needs. Without their assistance, the care receiver might otherwise have to move to some type of residential care setting.

83 year old in 19th year of learning at U of C

Like most academics, John Verney believes in lifelong learning, and like almost all university students, he takes his studies seriously. But there is one significant difference between this man and most other dedicated scholars: Verney is 83 years old, and in his 19th year of continuous learning at the University of Calgary.

Alberta women craft local connections

Two Alberta women knit together almost immediately upon meeting and in more ways than one. Kalea Turner-Beckman was completing a Master's degree in Yarn and Feminist Activism. Anna Davidson is an Assistant Stage Manager with the Edmonton Opera.

Judge John Reilly's quest for Aboriginal fairness in Canada

The longest serving provincial court judge in the province whose first bestselling book sparked both controversy and praise across the country, is about to launch his second offering in a trilogy detailing his battle with the justice system and his quest for Aboriginal fairness in Canada.

Former politician and lawyer advocates for better water management

As a former politician and lawyer, an Alberta woman has made it her mission in retirement to advocate for water and its management, something she admits she became passionate about out of anger. When officials in Cochrane, just west of Calgary made a decision to fill in a picturesque gully behind her house, she became incensed.

Attitude key to aging well

W A Primer for Old Guys Eat Smart, Exercise, Be Happy By Dr. Larry McConnell Available on By Jeff Holubitsky Calgary Senior Editor It takes more than exercise and nutrition to put a shine on the third chapter of life.
A chat with Alberta's new seniors minister

A chat with Alberta's new seniors minister

When Jeff Johnson was named minister in charge of the new Alberta Seniors department a few days after Premier Jim Prentice came to power in September, he was told to meet with seniors and to tackle issues such as elder abuse and safety at seniors' homes.
Brain training is possible at any age

Brain training is possible at any age

You can retrain your brain, even if you're dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or memory loss, says Laura Principe, a Calgary-based holistic mental health coach. Principe's knowledge comes not just from her education, but also first-hand experience. In an extremely candid interview, she explains she actually lived with debilitating depression and anxiety for years.