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A Matter of Life and Death

A recent historic Supreme Court of Canada ruling has surprised activists on both sides of the debate on doctor-assisted suicide.
A Man of Distinction

A Man of Distinction

Immigrant Services Calgary honoured their own at their annual Immigrants of Distinction Awards this past March.

The Right to Die

The Supreme Court of Canada has come down hard on our nation's ban on doctor-assisted suicide. They struck the existing law down completely and ordered the Federal government to draft something more merciful.
The Best in Show

The Best in Show

Last month, a canine Calgarian came home from the world-renowned Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City with one of the top prizes.

The Fire Next Time

Fire safety in care residences has become an increasing concern for elderly people. It's also been in the public eye because elderly people have mobility issues that require them to use canes, walkers and wheelchairs that may put them into danger.

Good News for New Horizons

When the federal government launches a project, it's not always possible to know the real impact.

Repeat Animal Hoarder Charged

In January, an Alberta resident submitted to the largest seizure of dogs into protective custody in the history of the Alberta SPCA. In total, 201 dogs were removed from a property near Milk River. The animals were dirty and emaciated.

Keeping it Green

CSN: What does it feel like to be a green-party leader in oil-centric Alberta? JK: It perplexes a lot of people. Some are snide, saying “Oh isn't that cute.” Many are curious. It's not like being in any other party. It's deeper than politics.

High River: Not out of the Water

“I really feel like it's aged me. It's different now than it was two years ago.” Dianne LeMoal of High River speaks with the wisdom of someone much older, and her voice breaks several times when talking about the flood of 2013.

Loonie for the Common Loon

Throughout Alberta, there is nothing more exciting than listening to the surreal call and song of the loon.
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