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Calgary News

The Power of the R-Word

It was dreadful, but the federal election is finally over. While some celebrate the new Liberal government, a worldwide slump in oil prices continues to drain our provincial and national economies.

On The Wing: The birds of Winter

Winter visitors are starting to arrive. A birding friend was out at Tofield the other day and reported seeing Common Redpolls flying around the feeders at the viewing area by Beaverhill Lake.

The Power of Positivity

There is no shortage of information in the media about how to improve your well-being through positive lifestyle changes such as eating well and exercise, but did you know that changing your attitude can also go a long way toward improving your life?

Dear Gayl: I'm Getting Older and Dumber?

Dear Gayl, Can you recommend a psychologist that specializes in older people? Since I became a senior, it seems everyone talks down to me, treats me like an idiot. That can't be true. I'm beginning to worry I'm going nuts.

Don't Let Holiday Stress Ruin the Holidays

(NC) We tend to wait for the New Year to make resolutions about being more organized. With the holidays just around the corner, why not simplify your life and set yourself up for success by applying a few simple strategies? ï Clean and purge.

The Devil In the Details

Terrorist and security issues dominated this year's federal election. In the riding of Calgary-Sheppard one candidates' debate heated up so much there were boos and catcalls as candidates explained their positions.

Justice at the Corps

While some older adults might be content to grow old gracefully, embracing grand parenting, golfing and gardening, others choose to immerse themselves in social justice, community development and education.

Caregivers: Tips for Self-Care

Early autumn is a great time for taking stock and implementing change.

All About Arugula

Arugula for Your Salads, Health and Love Life Arugula, also known as the aphrodisiac plant, will add enrichment and excitement to your daily routine. Arugula Health Benefits: 1.

The Veteran Volunteer

This past June Calgary's Lois Mitchell was officially inaugurated as Alberta's 18th Lieutenant Governor, a new role that is a natural extension of her years of hard work in business and community service.