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The Economics of Change

This year's season of federal and provincial budgets has touched more topics and ushered in more changes for people age 50 and older than most years.

Talk To Me

A series of free weekend lectures began January 24th of this year to give local Calgary artists the go-ahead in public art gives residents a chance to choose their favourites. The City partnered with the University of Calgary to teach these sessions at Gallery Hall in the Taylor Family Digital Library. The next session takes place on May 23rd.

Ahead of the Curve

Vicki Herd has come a long way since her first job as a ball girl at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.
That Family Feeling

That Family Feeling

With close to 650 members and hundreds stopping by every day, Confederation Park 55+ is one of Calgary's busiest seniors' activities centre. It's also one of the city's longest running facilities.

Buckle Up for a Bumpy Ride

The plunge in oil prices that started in mid-2014 continues to reach further into the wallets, purses and savings accounts of Albertans in particular.

Calgary 55+ Slo-Pitch

Calgary Senior Men's Softball 55+ (CSMS 55+) provides opportunity for senior men to participate in this wonderful game.

The End of Ageism

Until I turned sixty-six, I lived for decades as an unreflecting and unapologetic ageist. I'm not a mean-spirited person; I pride myself on being open-minded and progressive.

Green Liquid Gold

Olive oil has so many health benefits that I eat a little every day. It helps me feel strong and radiant. It is one of the top oils you need in your kitchen. 12 Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1.

A Matter of Life and Death

A recent historic Supreme Court of Canada ruling has surprised activists on both sides of the debate on doctor-assisted suicide.
A Man of Distinction

A Man of Distinction

Immigrant Services Calgary honoured their own at their annual Immigrants of Distinction Awards this past March.