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Pesky Pollutants

Seniors are much more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution; they are at higher risk because of weakening hearts, lungs and of the immune system as we age.

The Bookworm Sez Review: The Marriage Book

April showers bring May flowers which they say, bring June, July and August brides. The fact is your mailbox may already be filled with invitations this summer.

Feeling Peachy

Who doesn't love a juicy, tasty peach? In ancient China, the first cultivators saw the fruit as a symbol of immortality and friendship. Nowadays, someone who is being a peach is both kind and sweet.

Choose Your Future

The financial world usually focuses its research and marketing on warning people that they aren't saving enough for retirement, often suggesting more than a million dollars is needed and offering to invest your money for you.

Letter to the Editor: Don't Bank On It

Dear Editor- Ray Turchansky's article, "To Err Is Institutional" strikes a chord with me.
Elderly and Evicted

Elderly and Evicted

By the time you read these words Gloria Paulson, 87, may be homeless.

Taking on the Taboo: Seniors and Sex

Most elders can remember when sex was a taboo topic, but a new program geared towards getting seniors to talk about sexuality and sexual activity in the golden years is being spearheaded by seniors themselves.

Going for Broke

“You're supposed to be out of debt when you retire, right?” say “Mark” (not his real name.) “You always think you'll have enough money, that it will all work out somehow when you're older and ready to retire. It doesn't.

Up Close and Personal

The Calgary Police Service is investigating three cases of "grandparent scams" that have taken a dangerous turn.
Out in the Cold

Out in the Cold

The Foothills Foundation's recent decision to file a lawsuit against several insurance companies for failing to honour policies reminded some High River residents of their own struggles after a 2013 flood destroyed their homes.