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The Dangerous Book for Grandads: A Q&A

The Dangerous Book for Grandads: A Q&A

Calgary Senior News: Your book examines the relationship between grandfathers and their grandkids.
The Time of Their Lives

The Time of Their Lives

It may be a dying art, but Bill Johnson and his friends won't let it go gently. Horology, the art of making clocks and watches, is something Johnson has been passionate about since the early 1970s.

Pushing the Burden Forward

Recent Federal and Alberta government budgets primarily kept the status quo for people approaching or in retirement, but their children and grandchildren will be left with projected deficits of $118.

On the Town

ATTRACTIONS AND EVENTS International Migratory Bird Day – May 8: Learn about migration and conservation and take a guided tour of Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (2405 – 9 Ave. S.E.) www.calgary.
Food for Thought: Nursing Change in the City

Food for Thought: Nursing Change in the City

The University of Calgary's Faculty of Nursing is presenting a series of breakfast sessions called Food for Thought. The aim is to let people know that there are many faces to nurses outside of the traditional view.

Viva Deneuve!

When preparing for meeting up with Catherine Deneuve, I was struck by one story that I thought must have been misreported or made up: Deneuve, the story went, was never really that keen on acting in the first place.

Armed Robbery Raises the Alarm

Another late-night armed robbery of a senior citizen is prompting city police to advise senior residents not to open their doors to strangers, and ensure they have adequate residential security.

It's Time to Give Back

Calgary's Veteran's Food Bank has seen a large spike in requests this spring from seniors and military families struggling to get a square meal on the kitchen table.

Year of Music

The city of Calgary has proclaimed 2016 to be the Year of Music, and it's not only because of the glitzy Juno Awards or the 150 other festivals happening around the city this year.

Seniors Hit Hardest by Recession

Making ends meet in an uncertain economy is a struggle. Laid off from her job five years ago as a music teacher, 60-year-old Deb Robinson has had to rely on a variety of skills to generate income.