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20 Questions about 'Boomer Brands'

Many of the world's most popular brands emerged during the formative years of the Baby Boom generation (1946-64).
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Many of the world's most popular brands emerged during the formative years of the Baby Boom generation (1946-64). Author Barry Silverstein has written a memory-filled book, Boomer Brands, all about the glory days of Saturday morning TV, cereals and all the other nostalgia from that time. This month, we'll dig through Boomer Brands to ask 20 questions about brands from that era. The book is available from Amazon Canada  and you can also read a free sample of the book at Amazon Canada's Kindle page.


1. The cartoon Huckleberry Hound debuted in 1958. An occasional character was spun off into his own series that was arguably even more popular. Name the character.

2. What was the first sugar-coated cereal, introduced in 1952?

3. Life brand cereal introduced a long running (1972-86) commercial which featured a finicky eater named Mikey. What was the catch phrase popularized by the commercial?

4. What product really took off after John Glenn became the first American to circle the earth in 1962?

5. Name the popular bubble gum that came wrapped in a cartoon.

6. Oreo cookies, today the world's most popular brand, was actually a copycat of another brand. Name the brand.

7. What product had in its commercials the tag line, "Sorry, Charlie"?

8. Swanson TV dinners were introduced in 1954 with what protein?

9. The Welsh dish called Welsh rarebit, or Welsh rabbit – a traditional Welsh dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese – was the inspiration for what product introduced into North America in 1953?

10. Plastic Lego pieces were introduced in 1958. Where did the name Lego come from?

11. What magazine, written by "the usual gang of idiots", debuted in 1952?

12. What toothpaste, introduced in 1955, became the market leader because it was the first to add cavity-fighting stannous fluoride?

13. Name the product, introduced in 1956, that had the memorable slogan "Does she ... or doesn't she?"

14. What product created to protect U.S. soldiers from the sun in the Second World War became a huge hit with the public in the 1950s, and remains a market leader to this day?

15. This sporty auto, named after a type of warship, was introduced in 1953.

16. How did the sports drink Gatorade gets its name?

17. This was the first brand of casual, slip-on shoes, introduced in 1958.

18. This was the first roll-on deodorant, introduced in 1952.

19. Who was TV's first cowboy star (Hint: he always wore black, even though he was a good guy)?

20. What did 7Up market itself as to differentiate itself from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, in 1968?


1. The character was Yogi Bear, who was, as we all know, smarter than the average bear.

2. It was Sugar Frosted Flakes, just Corn Flakes with a sugary coating. Today, they just call them Frosted Flakes.

3. "Mikey likes it!"

4. Tang powdered orange drink. Astronauts took it into space to add flavour to the unpleasant water they took on board, so it became known as the drink the astronauts use.

5. Bazooka gum. The cartoon character was named Bazooka Joe.

6. The wafer cookie was called Hydrox. The name, which sounds more like a cleaning fluid, doomed the brand once Nabisco produced its copycat cookie.

7. StarKist Tuna. Charlie was a cartoon tuna who wanted to be caught (who knows why) but was rejected because he somehow didn't meet StarKist's standards.

8. Turkey. Swanson and Sons found they had a 260-ton surplus of post-Thanksgiving turkey on hand, so the TV dinner with turkey was born to get rid of the excess.

9. Cheez Whiz. It was created as a quick and easy substitute for the sauce used to make Welsh rarebit.

10. It's a combination of two Danish words – "leg" and "godt", which means "play well".

11. MAD magazine, still being printed today.

12. Crest toothpaste

13. Clairol hair colouring

14. Coppertan suntan lotion

15. The Corvette

16. It was created by the trainer for the University of Florida Gators (hence Gatorade) as a way to replenish the electrolytes the football team lost through sweating.

17. Hush Puppies

18. Ban deodorant

19. Hopalong Cassidy

20. They called it the 'Uncola'.