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Baba's slowing down

CKUA's popular host Baba Singh now hosting Mid-Morning Mojo only on Fridays.
Missing your morning mojo? You'll only get it on Friday mornings, as longtime host Baba Singh steps back. Photo:

Last week, CKUA's Baba Singh informed his listeners that he will only be hosting his popular daily show, Mid-Morning Mojo, on Fridays--effective immediately.

"I'll be turning 75 this fall (I think)," Singh wrote in a statement. "For me it means creaky knees, fewer teeth and I forget what else.

"I had requested CKUA scale back my commitment to the radio and they have gracefully and generously provided me with full support."

In a recorded statement on, Singh said the decision to ease back from a five-day-a-week schedule "has been coming like a train, and I knew I needed to slow down. I don't know if it's just where I'm at in life, but I knew I needed to scale back a bit."

Singh said for now, he'll be hosting Mid-Morning Mojo once a week while looking forward to new ways to stay connected with listeners.

"I have had this amazing opportunity as your DJ over the last so many years, and every moment of connection with you has been a learning and nurturing experience," he said, calling himself "One of the most awkward radio DJs, who snuck in the back door years ago. I have made countless mistakes and you have always been gracious in getting past my shortcomings."

Looking back, Singh said in his mid-twenties, he had a series of awakenings and through the years, he formed his own theories and beliefs to try to figure out life. "After 50-odd years of wandering and refining what was always there, I know what matters," he said. One of the things that matter to Singh has been music, and radio.

"I have had a love for radio in my heart since, as long as I can remember. Radio is magic. As a child, I thought there were little beings inside of the ‘box’, and they were talking to me. And now here I am, one of those little people, having a conversation with you, the listener. I'm grateful."