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Best ways to escape YEG’s summer heat

Embrace the Cold Shower!

We have officially entered the sweltering, dog days of summer in Alberta’s capital city. The trees are blooming as Edmonton’s beautiful river valley comes to life, yet through the beauty comes a fair bit of sweating, of late.

Temperatures have hit the 30s this week, and the city has been under a heat warning. The heat is tricky to beat; much tougher than the winter cold we are accustomed to. While the simple solution to a cold day is to huddle in our cozy homes with a blanket and hot chocolate, the heat of summer has a habit of following us wherever we go.

Those who have handy air-conditioning units are likely laughing all the way through the summer months, but the options can seem slim without one.

Here are some of the best ways to escape the heat and make the absolute most of the summer months here in Edmonton.

Support local businesses

We are lucky to live in a city that hosts some amazing local eateries, and when it comes to a hot day there is no shortage. Head to one of countless ice cream shops to get your fill of frozen treats.

If you’re looking for recommendations, look no further than Whyte Avenue – the city’s most exciting stretch of road. You’ll find a lot of options, but two that stand out are Made by Marcus and Yelo’d.

Made by Marcus is a bit tricky to find, as it's tucked down a beautiful rainbow road and easy to miss. They make all of their ice cream from locally-sourced dairy and have a wide array of flavours, ranging from a traditional Tahitian Vanilla Bean to a wild Pina Colada. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.

If you want a more experimental experience, Yelo’d is it. Located a short drive down the street from Made by Marcus is Yelo'd's tiny storefront. The shop puts a twist on ice cream and fuses it with cuisine from the Phillippines – a tasty duo. They have a variety of flavours. Try their delicious purple yam ice cream in a waffle cone – absolute bliss.

Embrace the cold shower

We are on the verge of a revolution.

No, not a political revolution, a shower one. It seems hot water has a monopoly on the shower industry, but cold water is just as good, if not better. Having a cold shower can cool the entire body down in an accessible, COVID-safe way.

It might not be an inviting 40-minute rinse, but when the temperature is dragging you down while at home, there is no quicker way to alleviate it than by soaking in some cold water.

Pro tip: a cold shower right before bed combined with a fan on the bedside table will likely help you fall asleep faster.

Water, a lot of it

We aren’t down with water just yet. Water is essential to regulating our temperature on hot days.

Keep a water bottle around at all times and make sure intake is higher than on regular days.

Also keep a spray bottle full of water nearby to spritz yourself from time to time. A little spray of water to the face every once in a while can be refreshing and helps your body better regulate its temperature.

Keep it light ... in a few ways

Dress lightly to avoid overheating. Shorts are your friends during the summer and finding some breathable tops can go a long way toward staving off the heat. Furthermore, research has shown exercise can help to alleviate high temperatures.

Keep your diet light, too. The more food you eat, the more heat your body produces. Stick to smaller meals on hot days to alleviate the heat.

Laziness and heat-induced apathy can make even the smallest of things seem insurmountable. Try doing a few of the suggestions listed here to help make the best out of summer.

If you embrace the heat by spending more time outdoors, be sure to take proper safety measures, such as drinking lots of water and wearing the appropriate sunscreen.

Have fun out there and don’t let the heat stop you from having the best summer!