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Celebrating mom

However you define the word mom, it's an all-important role to all of us.

Mom, grandmother, stepmom--for all those who've nurtured us or who allow us to nurture, we remember you on Mother's Day. 

Time to enjoy kids and grandkids

Brenda Cleland, 61, is a substitute teacher and a mom for 33 years. She has three children and three grandchildren.

At this stage of my life being a mom means being able to share my time with my family. When I first became a mom I loved everything about it, but my time was spent caring for them. Now my job is just loving and enjoying them. I feel grateful that my children love me and want me to have a close relationship with them and their children. I also learned from my mom that it's important you be fulfilled and not just reliant on your children for socialization and happiness.

God had other plans

Some take being a mother for granted, but not this wonderful lady-Gail. She never thought she would have the opportunity to be a mom, but God had other plans. A miracle has been given to her and she is embracing every moment. Her precious baby boy was born premature at 1.4lbs, but with her strength, courage and positive outlook on life, he is now a healthy thriving little boy. Here's to all the fantastic moms like her. Happy Mother's Day Gail, Ty is the luckiest little boy in town. Stephanie Dupuis

Love You Forever

Former Edmonton mayor Jan Reimer's favourite Mother's Day came decades ago when she was surprised by her then-six-year-old daughter, who was instructed by her teacher to read a certain book to her mom. "Megan read 'Love You Forever' to me. It was a total surprise," said Reimer. The Robert Munsch classic is a tear-jerker, telling the story of the evolving relationship between a boy and his mom. Reimer asks the community to support the work of the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters through its upcoming Mother's Day fundraising campaign. To donate, visit

Remembering one who allowed us to be a mom

Before my son, Mike, passed away, Mother's Day was full. He always brought me a card, and if he could afford it, he'd bring me a gift too. His funds were limited, so for him to shop for me was very special. Without him, Mother's Day has an echo – a hollow feeling. His seat at our weakened dining room table remains empty; adumbration of both his loss and his presence, all at once.  Kim Hanson, Calgary.

Gratitude for whatever life brings

Mom is 92, only now living in a senior's home after 70 years running the home I grew up in with my five siblings. Looking at her rather chaotic life--as a child being taken from war-torn Poland to labour camps in Siberia, to teen years and schooling in a Polish refugee camp in Africa, to a new life in Winnipeg-- it hasn't been an easy road. Yet, mom is always an optimistic soul, looking forward to tomorrow and grateful for today. I hope I can pass on that spirit to my own four children. Love you mom.  Lucy Haines

Celebrate Mothering in all its forms

At 8 years old, through a series of marriages, I found my mom. I literally decided the current stepmom was who I wanted to be my mother. It wasn’t a typical adoption, but I was and am extremely grateful she entered my life and offered to step into the role of being my mom. Yet, there was always an underlying feeling that maybe it would be different had we been biologically related. In spring 2010 life came full circle when, after raising 3 boys, we had the opportunity to adopt a sweet little six-month old girl. There hasn’t been a moment I feel any different about her than I do our boys. There is no difference in my fears for her future, my celebration of her successes or the absolute unconditional love I feel for this precious soul.  Roles, relationships, or titles society assigns may not fit your circumstances: celebrate the person in your life that filled that role, in whatever capacity it looked like. Celebrate love. Angie Hampshire