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CKUA spring campaign by the numbers

Albertans know and love CKUA, independent radio that reaches across the province and beyond.
Alberta's CKUA celebrates a successful spring fundraiser. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

A couple of times a year, beloved Indy radio station CKUA puts the call out to listeners to raise funds--all the way to a million dollars (and then some) this go-around.

Marc Carnes, station CEO said in addition to generating much-needed funds to keep CKUA on the air, campaigns are a chance to celebrate the community. Here are a few numbers around this spring's campaign.

1) Between staff, hosts, volunteers, board members, special guests, partners and friends, it took more than 90 talented and caring people to bring the campaign to life throughout April.

2) More than 10,000 listeners answered the call, including nearly 7,000 monthly donors, who come from 398 different communities in 11 countries on four continents.

3) More than 600 took the plunge and became a first-time donor to CKUA