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Community resources available to keep Edmontonians cool as heat wave returns

Take precautions in extremely hot weather. The City has ways to help beat the heat.
Stay cool, Alberta! The heat returns this week. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Hot weather is once again in Edmonton’s forecast. The City of Edmonton will continue to provide a number of supports over the coming days in an effort to keep Edmontonians cool and to protect those who need it most.

The City has set up 15 hydration stations near fire hydrants in various parts of the city. Edmonton Transit Service also has 24 refillable water bottle stations at LRT stations and transit centres to give transit riders and the broader community access to drinking water.

The City’s Downtown and Transit Peace Officers are also handing out water bottles to people who need them. Additionally, people can seek respite from the heat at City of Edmonton recreation centres.

It’s expected that outdoor pools will be very busy during this hot weather. As an alternative, people can visit pools at recreation centres. Please note that both Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre and ACT Aquatic and Recreation Centre remain closed at this time. Information about indoor pools can be found at

Edmonton has over 70 spray parks across the city that can help beat the heat. A full list of City spray parks, hours of operation and their operating status is available online at High Park and Glengarry spray parks are not open this season due to planned construction.

Extreme heat can be dangerous. Everyone should drink plenty of water even before feeling thirsty, and stay in a cool place. It is important to watch for symptoms of heat illness:


  • dizziness/fainting
  • nausea/vomiting
  • rapid breathing and heartbeat
  • extreme thirst
  • decreased urination with unusually dark urine
  • lack of sweat
  • confusion
  • fainting
  • unconsciousness


More information about heat stroke can be found at


Check in on older family, friends and neighbours. Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place.


  • Call 211 and press 3 for the 24/7 Crisis Diversion team, if needed. They can assist individuals who may be in distress and can provide transportation to social service agencies.
  • Call 911 in cases of emergency.


It’s also important for people to remember to take extra precautions for your pets in this hot weather. For tips on how to keep your pet cool in the heat and signs of heatstroke, visit