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Did someone say Ketchup Ice Cream? Is that even a thing?

New foods to debut at K-Days this year are as weird as ever. Maybe weirder.

Preparations are well underway for the 2023 edition of K-Days, 10 days of non-stop fun from July 21-30. And this year as always, there will be some strange and delightful delicacies on the menu at the midway.

 Explore Edmonton revealed the food options available for the 2023 summer festival, and after the Kraft Dinner soft serve and Korean corn dogs making waves last year, the creative minds behind the fair food are stepping up their game. Imagine Cotton Candy on a lightsaber, ketchup and mustard ice cream and mini donut lemonade–you can have them all and more on the midway next month.

 “Every year we like to bring in new and unusual foods, and it’s become something that people really look forward to,” said Arlindo Gomes of Explore Edmonton, which produces K-Days. “We hear from many visitors that checking out the new and sometimes the downright odd food offerings at K-Days are a treasured part of their annual experience.”

 This year’s options have been broken down into three categories; sweet, savoury, and beverages. Each new food item has a chance to win a new food award in their category. 

 New food offerings at K-Days 2023 will be:

 Sweet Category:

  • Pink lemonade ice cream
  • UFO ice cream
  • Oreo fried cheesecake
  • Little donut sundae
  • Cotton candy lightsaber
  • Habanero cherry ice cream taco
  • Mustard ice cream
  • Ketchup ice cream
  • Dutch mini pancakes
  • Halo halo


Savoury Category:

  • Falafel perogies
  • Corn ribs
  • Kool-Aid chicken burger
  • Quesabirria ramen
  • Giant squid
  • Extreme zeus poutine
  • Peanut butter pickle dog
  • Peanut butter corndog
  • Asian shrimp chip nachos
  • Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese


Beverage Category:

  • Masala shikanji
  • Pina colada smoothie
  • Mango coconut lucky ducky bucky
  • Mini donut lemonade
  • Street corn lemonade
  • Spicy pickle lemonade