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Expanding COVID-19 booster to all Albertans 18-plus

Expanded availability of third doses of COVID-19 vaccine will help Albertans increase their protection against COVID-19.
Over 60? Six months after a second vaccine? Sign up for a booster, available now to all Albertans. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Albertans aged 60 and older can book appointments for a booster dose of mRNA vaccine six months after receiving their second dose. First appointments will be available beginning Dec. 6.

"While two doses provides strong protection against severe outcomes, we will continue to push the federal government for supply to ensure all Albertans can receive their third doses to continue limiting COVID-19 infection and transmission," said Jason Copping, Minister of Health.

"With the winter season increasing transmission risks, and more Albertans approaching the six-month milestone since receiving their second dose, the evidence supports expanding booster doses to add an additional layer of protection," added chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

In a press release, the Alberta government said current evidence indicates vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection appears to wane over time. While individual protection against severe outcomes remains strong after two doses for most people, there are still many who are completely unprotected, and third doses will help boost population protection and limit the spread of COVID-19, it said.

Eligible individuals can book appointments for third doses online with participating pharmacies by using the Alberta vaccine booking system. Albertans can also call 811, participating pharmacies or participating physicians’ offices. The first appointments will be available starting Dec. 6.

Albertans who were previously eligible for third doses continue to be able to book their appointments. Those eligible at least six months after receiving their second dose include:

  • Albertans aged 60-plus

  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit people aged 18-plus

  • Health-care workers providing direct patient care and who received their second dose less than eight weeks after their first dose

  • Individuals who received two doses of AstraZeneca or one dose of Janssen vaccine

Eligible at least five months after receiving their second dose:

  • Seniors living in congregate care

Eligible at least eight weeks after receiving their second dose:

  • Individuals with eligible immunocompromising condition

  • To date, 378,507 Albertans have received a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine