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Father's Day: To the dads in our lives

Dads, and all the father-figures in our lives: we salute you.

More than a Hallmark holiday

My father never golfed, hunted, or fished. He worked hard at his accounting job, was arm's length in much of the child raising of my sister and me, played badminton and tennis, and enjoyed a good Scotch in the evenings back in the 60’s & 70’s. Modern day dads appear to be more involved in their children’s upbringing, share in household responsibilities, and, in some cases when mom goes out to work full time, become stay at home Mr. Moms.

As I get older, and am still fortunate enough to have my parents in my life (they’re both in their 90’s) it’s interesting how the relationship changes. Sometimes I am parenting my parent, but other times I still want to hear the words of advice only a dad can give to his daughter. No material or inherited item can replace this precious gift.

The biggest gift you can give your father is time. Spend it together. Listen to him. Let him talk, share memories, enjoy a favourite meal together and reminisce. Sure, you can send a cute card in the mail if you can’t visit-- he’ll appreciate that. And, if he’s anything like my dear old dad, a good bottle of Scotch is always welcome!

Alison Phillips

Learning by example

I was blessed to have my dad return unscathed from WW l to start his family and enjoy many happy years of fatherhood. Dad served as a lay preacher in a Baptist church, and was a counsellor, advisor and advocate for the many marginalized people in our community. He modelled life's bigger picture, and showed me how to look beyond myself and lend a helping hand in making my community a better place.

I watch my son, now a father, and how he interacts with his children. He's inherited some of his grandfather's traits, and tops it off with humour. Happy Father's Day to my son and to all fathers.

Etty Cameron

Stepping up the plate

Ty was born premature at 1.4 pounds just over a year ago, and I have never seen a man step up to the plate of “fatherhood” like Mike. His world changed that day and without Mike's strength, courage and love for his son, Ty would not be the thriving little boy he is today. You can see every time he looks at his dad that he admires and looks up to him. You are raising your boy the right way, setting the example of what a dad truly is. Happy Father's Day Mike!

Stephanie Dupuis