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Fuss-free ways to try camping

Feel like camping but don't have the gear? There are alternative ways to get out into the great outdoors.
A yurt, a cabin, an RV rental--there are fuss-free ways to give camping a try. Photo supplied.

Camping is part of Canadian culture, right up there with plaid shirts and maple syrup. But if you haven’t tried it before, that first trip can be a bit daunting. Even visiting an outfitting store can be intimidating – with so many options for tents, sleeping bags, cook stoves and endless other gadgets, where does a new camper even begin?

First, it’s important to know you don’t have to make a big investment in gear to give camping a try. One of the great outcomes of a recent camping boom is that campgrounds have recognized there are many types of campers and they have adjusted offerings to provide many different types of camping experiences.

A great way to get started without buying a ton of gear is to look for campgrounds that offer cabins, yurts or other tent-alternatives. There’s a lot out there – some include all the amenities of home, while for others, you might still need to pack a few things (sheets, towels, etc.). It’s a good idea to check with the campground to confirm what’s provided and what you’re expected to bring.

Don’t forget there are options beyond national and provincial parks. Private campgrounds often get overlooked and may have availability for last-minute stays and short-term stays, especially during weekdays.  

RV camping has also seen a huge increase in popularity since the start of the pandemic. But, again, there are great ways to try before you buy. Several online services now make it easy to rent a trailer or RV. You can often have them delivered right to your campsite, so you don’t even have to worry about towing (or parking) a trailer. Usually, a rental trailer will also come packed with much of what you need for a great getaway.

Whatever you’re looking for – from glamping to a rustic retreat – affordable options are out there. There’s never been a better time to give this great Canadian pastime a try.