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Letters: Readers weigh in

Comments on Alberta's COVID-19 response

Back to normal?

Seventeen months! This is the longest continuous down period I have gone through since the Second World War and that was 76 years ago.

Things do not look promising with COVID-19. Now we are trapped by Delta, which is not only having its will among the unvaccinated, but is also attacking the vaccinated. Not much can be done until we reach herd immunity, which is difficult due to the stubbornness of anti-vaxxers. Delta infections have increased in the southern states and in Alberta because of the short-sightedness of the Kenney government. Some have even resorted to using “horse medicine”--a de-wormer. Belief triumphs science except on cattle and horses.

Anger is building, with vaccinated people wanting to get back to a normal life and the unvaccinated protesting against what they consider a violation of their freedoms. Many businesses are setting up their own rules, such as the Oilers and Flames are doing in Alberta. Will the pressure work? Probably not to the committed anti-vaxxer. 

John Stuart Mills explained the difference between freedom and liberty. Freedom is to do what one wants and has power to do. Liberty concerns the absence of arbitrary restraints and is limited by the rights of others. With masks, vaccinations and passports, we are in the liberty stage right now. For the unvaccinated to regain their freedom, they must agree to follow the rules, allowing vaccinated people to also become free again.

Robert Price   Edmonton, AB

Learning at every age

Re: Students of any age embrace lifelong learning, Sept/2021

Age is no reason to quit learning. A woman I know in High River is retired but is learning about emergency planning and preparedness for disasters. For myself, I've passed exams on power engineering and am now studying about dangerous goods and emergency response.

Heather Dawn Green  Calgary, AB

Government pandemic response is sorely lacking

Re: No mention of vaccine passports: government puts money into home care to take pressure off Alberta's ICUs 

This response by the UCP to the COVID crisis in Alberta throws more money at private agencies, ignoring the same workers in the public system.
".. $2 an hour for the next 13 months for health-care aides...contracted with AHS. ... doesn't apply to AHS or Covenant Health home care staff."
None of this money will help continuing care homes, long term care (LTC), or healthcare workers in the longer term. It is a band aid solution.
A vaccine passport would cost a fraction of what they are spending. It would allow businesses to stay open, rather than causing more harm to the economy. It is clear from their actions that this government does not make evidence-based decisions, nor do they heed advice from experts. They refuse to answer for their decisions, and go into hiding at the first sign of trouble. Kenney, Shandro and Hinshaw have shown a gross abdication of responsibility to the people of Alberta and we are paying with our lives and our livelihoods. 

Tana Macnab, Edmonton, AB




Creative, suggestive

Lucrative you

Are you aware

Of the sock and the shoe?

They go anywhere 

You will choose

They go together

And fit real well

The sock and the shoe

Does this ring a bell?


David Chubb

Edmonton, AB



The scent of harvest was in the air,

as the gentle winds blew the wheat,

causing it to bend in the breeze.

A field of gold everywhere.

Yellow wheat standing straight and tall,

the warm winds created an autumn atmosphere.

Harvest was in the air, as the hum of the combines

could be heard in the distance, as well as the rumble

of the loader, unloading the grain.

Bright was the harvest moon shining from on high.

The voices of the men rang out, as they discussed

the agenda of the day, devouring the food and drinks.

They quickly returned to the combines to complete

the harvest.


Donna Kucheraway

Mundare, AB