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Mother's Day reader's messages

Poems and thoughts from Alberta Prime Times readers

Canterbury Court appreciation

Thanks again for the April copy of Alberta Prime Times, with an excellent number of papers for fellow seniors at Canterbury Court. I feel Prime Times literally fills the 'wants' of seniors, with outstanding content each month. While I keep the Journal a day or two, Prime Times stays considerably longer!

Bruce Hogle, Edmonton, AB

Yoga for traumatic brain injury

I suffer from a traumatic brain injury I received in 1982. I am the author of "Heal Your Brain Faster; Empower Your Mind Through Yoga," where I weave my personal story with explanations and photos of how yoga can provide physical and mental balances and help you function at your best. I would like to share this book with fellow brain injury survivors and other members of society. Contact for more information.

Janet Brazil, Edmonton, AB



Moms the Word

O mom you’re on my mind, you don’t have to say a word

Your memory of my yesteryear, has got my feelings stirred

Your eyes that said you loved me, your arms that held me tight

Just knowing you were there for me, made me feel all right

Through my younger years, you taught me how to see

Nurturing the message, to be the best that I could be

And when it was finally time, to leave the family nest

Your expectation was for happiness while always doing my best

So, part of you came with me, to seek my fortune and fame

Amazing how much is accomplished, when your mothers in the game

That voice comes out of nowhere, always just in time

To help sort out the noise of life and keep it all in line

 You’ll be in my mind forever; I just can’t let you go

A big part of my decisions, more than you’ll ever know

And in a tribute to all Mothers, I feel I need to say

Thank you for who you are and for showing us the way

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert AB  

Our Family's Pride and Joy

You’re the mother of our children and you’ve raised them well

The love you show unconditionally, is like your magic spell

It’s not like a heavy blanket, more like one made of feather

Such a warm and gentle pleasure; it brings us all together

I love your sense of humor; it’s always innocent and pure

Careful and considerate, but still funny that’s for sure

Your guidance not always verbal, we can see it in your look

Just the threat of disapproval, gives our evil thoughts the hook

We need to mind our manners and in all our thoughts be kind

You’ve taught us to be grateful and to be gentle in our mind

Your expectations of us are reasonable; to always do our best

Don’t search for lame excuses, just be ready for the test

Our children are grown and gone and have children of their own

And the spell of your loving motherhood, now spans a wider zone

We all feel your calming presence; it’s our pleasure to enjoy

You are our not so hidden treasure; our family’s pride and joy

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert, AB