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NDP leader Notley responds to Premier Smith's $2.4 billion aid package for province's seniors, children and vulnerable citizens

Notley emphasizes trustworthy government focused on healthcare and jobs in response to Smith's inflation aid announcement.
NDP Opposition promises better than the inflation aid package announced by Premier Danielle Smith Tuesday evening. Photo: Allberta NDP Facebook

“You deserve public healthcare that is there for you, when and where you need it,” Notley said Tuesday night following Danielle Smith's announcement of an inflation aid package for certain Alberta groups. “You deserve affordability and you deserve a resilient economy filled with good-paying jobs, and you deserve all these things from a government you can trust to provide stable and competent leadership.”

Earlier in the evening, Danielle Smith told Albertans she would walk back some of the UCP policies that have imposed steep new costs onto Alberta families over the past three and half years.

“Six months prior to the last election, the UCP voted to increase benefits for Albertans only to then break that promise within weeks of taking office,” Notley said. “Here we go again. We couldn’t trust the UCP then and we definitely can’t trust them now.”

Notley committed to permanently reversing the UCP’s cuts to Child and Family Benefit, the Seniors Benefit, Income Support and AISH.

“We’ll take action on the things you don’t have a choice about paying for, like groceries, utilities, insurance, gasoline, tuition, and housing," she added.

“Smith and the UCP have been sowing chaos in our hospitals, ambulances, and doctors’ offices. In recent months, Danielle Smith has argued with deep conviction that she believes Albertans should have to pay out of pocket for even the most basic healthcare like visiting your family doctor. That is wrong.”

Smith touted renewed fights with Ottawa and her signature policy idea, the Sovereignty Act, which has been widely condemned by legal experts, business leaders, and even senior members of her own cabinet.

“The UCP is causing real damage to Alberta’s economy with Danielle Smith’s Sovereignty Act, a policy that is completely out of step with the modern economy,” Notley said.