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Out with the old...

Getting rid of last year's gear at the start of the new school season a ritual for many.
Backpacks, old notebooks and binders, art projects--just some of the most discarded items found in the trash at back to school time. Photo Metro Creative Connection

As parents and students settle into the new school year with new gear and supplies, older items make their way to the recycling bin or garbage can. Here are the seven items JUSTJUNK® has observed parents and students discarding most often.

 Old Backpacks

Older backpacks showing wear-and-tear are frequently swapped for newer models in better condition.


Due to the rapid wear and potential size changes, shoes often experience quick deterioration, particularly in the case of active and growing children. At the start of each new school year, a substantial number of shoes are discarded to pave the way for a fresh start with new kicks.


In September, there is always a surge of old clothes discarded, as children outgrow their attire from the previous year. Consequently, a portion of these clothes, often still in good condition, will be locally donated by the JUSTJUNK® crew.

Binders of Old Notes

Old notebooks, binders etc. take up space. It’s common for JUSTJUNK® teams to come across boxes brimming with old binders and notes.

Arts and Crafts

While schools emphasize developing their students’ creativity, the influx of arts and crafts that kids bring home can often monopolize significant space within the household. Exasperated parents occasionally find themselves compelled to clear out commonplace projects, such as the fifth macaroni portrait, out of the house.

Learning Tablets & Educational Toys

As children mature and advance, learning tablets and educational toys lose their usefulness. With the elevation of learning requirements for young students comes the demand for technology that aligns with their expanding knowledge. Thus, all outdated items are usually donated to local charities.


In tandem with your children’s evolving homework requirements, the necessary workspace undergoes a transformation as well, with compact play desks transitioning into functional workstations. Each fall, there’s a noticeable uptick in the disposal of older and smaller desks.