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Promised energy rebates start flowing with July bills

Long-promised electricity and natural gas rebates start appearing on next month's bills
Watch for energy rebates starting on your July bill. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Beginning in July, almost two million Albertans will receive rebates on their electricity bills.

More than 1.9 million homes, farms and small businesses will receive monthly credits of $50 on their July, August and September electricity bills, as the government had previously promised, for a total of $150 in rebates.

The Alberta government’s $300-million rebate program will help alleviate some of the high utility costs that many families and businesses have faced during recent months.

“These rebates, combined with the fuel tax exemption and upcoming natural gas rebate, will help the large majority of Alberta households pay their bills," said Dale Nally, associate minister of natural gas and electricity, in a statement.

Electricity rebate

Albertans currently connected to the system that have consumed electricity within the past calendar year, up to a maximum of 250 megawatt hours per year, are automatically eligible for the rebates. 

Eligible Albertans can expect to see an automatic $50 rebate on their bills. It is being applied directly to eligible utility bills, meaning no application or other action is needed to start receiving the rebate in July.

The $50 rebates will apply to the entire bill, not just the energy portion. In addition, the $50 rebates will be on all eligible bills – protecting consumers on the variable regulated rate option as well as those on competitive contracts.

Consumers wishing to protect themselves from price volatility may enter into a competitive fixed-rate contract and still be eligible for the $50 rebates. Albertans can visit the Utility Consumer Advocate to see what products are available in their area.

The rebate will be listed on each bill as a line item titled “GOA Utility Commodity Rebate,” and $50 rebates will follow in August and September, for a total of $150. Exact timing will vary depending on the billing cycle of one’s utility provider.

Consumers who believe they meet the eligibility criteria but have not received the rebates by the end of July should contact the Utility Consumer Advocate.

Upcoming natural gas rebate

Along with the electricity rebate, a natural gas rebate will provide cost certainty starting in October. More details on the natural gas rebate will be announced soon.

With the electricity rebate reaching bills in July, August and September, and the natural gas rebate starting in October, Alberta’s government will be providing support on utility bills until March 31, 2023 if prices remain high.