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Promised natural gas rebates coming this fall

Gas rebate kicks in this winter, joining the electricity rebate already in place for Albertans.
Some 1.6 million Alberta homes, businesses and farms expected to get natural gas rebates this winter. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

The government announced this week the long-awaited and upcoming natural gas rebate will begin October 1 and support more than 1.6 million homes, farms and businesses facing high heating bills next winter.

“This rebate will provide price protection for millions of Albertans using natural gas, kerosene, propane and other fuels next winter," said Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity Dale Nally. "It will help families, farms and businesses manage high heating costs in the upcoming winter."

Natural gas rebate program

In a news release, the government said starting Oct. 1, all consumers connected to the natural gas distribution system and paying a bill directly to a natural gas retailer with less than 2,500 gigajoules (GJ) of annual natural gas consumption will be eligible for government-provided rebates, which will appear directly on bills. No application will be necessary to receive the rebates if you are connected to the natural gas distribution system.

These rebates will appear directly on eligible bills.

Other heating fuels also qualify for rebates

Eligible consumers not on the natural gas distribution system or consumers using the annual equivalent of 2,500 GJ or less in other heating fuels (such as propane, kerosene and heating oil), will also be eligible and can apply directly for their rebates through a separate application system.

Regular updates on the default rate will be posted on for the duration of the rebate program. In Alberta, the default regulated rates are set for the entire month and do not fluctuate throughout the month. If a regulated rate in Alberta is set above $6.50 per GJ, the rebates will go into effect for all eligible consumers.

The natural gas rebate follows an electricity rebate program implemented this summer and a gas tax repeal that will be in place until at least September.