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QR code vaccine record updated for travel

Albertans planning to travel can download an updated vaccine record with a QR code to use within and outside Canada.
Planning to travel? You'll need this new QR code now available to Albertans. Photo submitted.

Alberta’s vaccine record will be updated to meet the recommended Canadian standard for domestic and international travel. The updated record will be available Nov. 24 at It also includes middle names and the record is in both official languages.

There is no need for Albertans who already have a QR code vaccine record to save or reprint the updated version if they do not intend to travel. Albertans can continue to use their already saved vaccine record with a QR code to access local businesses and venues taking part in the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP).

“We’re making it easier for Albertans to travel at home and abroad with an internationally recognized proof of vaccination," said Minister of Health Jason Copping. "Millions of vaccinated Albertans already have a secure QR vaccine record and they can still use it to safely enjoy activities within our province. An updated QR code will allow those who want to travel to quickly and easily provide proof of vaccination.”

Alberta’s QR code scanning app will recognize both the current and updated QR code vaccine record.

Albertans planning to travel need to check the required travel documents with the Government of Canada and their destination ahead of any domestic or international travel

Albertans can get a printed vaccine record with QR code at no cost by visiting a registry agent office or by calling 811.

Accepted proof of vaccination for REP: non-Alberta records

Patrons vaccinated outside Canada, including international travellers, can use their out-of-country vaccine records along with a valid ID such as a passport. Patrons vaccinated in other provinces and territories are required to use their jurisdictions’ vaccine records with a QR code, as other forms of records are no longer accepted in the REP.

Alberta businesses and venues are strongly encouraged to use the AB Covid Records Verifier app to confirm their patrons’ vaccination status meets the REP requirements. If the app shows a ‘record not valid’ or ‘record not found’ message, the patron will not be able to enter a venue. The app can scan records with QR codes issued by other provinces and territories as well as Canadian Armed Forces records.

For adults 18 years and older, businesses must check for a valid ID that matches the name and date of birth on the vaccine record with any accepted type of proof of vaccination.