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Review: Saucy, sassy, SIX

See what everyone is losing their head over.
Six Canada. Photos by Joan Marcus.

The buzz about SIX precedes it, evident by an opening night audience that is already SIX fans (fanatics). The show, which came to Edmonton's Citadel Theatre on a first go-round enroute to Broadway in 2019 (where it won two Tony Awards), now features an all Canadian cast. The sass is still there, as is the energy, dance moves and vocals that tell the story of Henry VIII's wives (all SIX of them) through a fast-moving 80-minute show.

It's like seeing a girl-band, really, or maybe being at a Taylor Swift concert? (who knows, because...who can get tickets to that). There's a whole lot of girl-power-infused anthems--(I don't need your love-type stuff); it's all that, actually, but told through clever songs from each wife. Under the premise of competing for the title of 'which wife had it worst', the ladies sing about their time as Queen alongside that cad Henry. 

"I suffered the most, dying in childbirth," laments wife Jane Seymour. "I'm sorry, I think having my head separated from its body gives me the prize," retorts wife number two, Anne Boleyn, who King Henry had beheaded for treason. A few divorcees, a few unfortunate beheaded gals and one survivor make up the glittery crew, who are backed by an all-female rockin' band.

The cast of SIX includes the vocal and dance talents of Maggie Lacasse, Elysia Cruz, Jaz Robinson, Julia Pulo, Krystal Hernández, Lauren Mariasoosay.

The energy is sky-high, the message of female empowerment is too--and the audience loves all of it. 

After its month-long run at the Citadel this summer, the award-winning musical will move to Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre.

 SIX The Musical plays in the Shoctor Theatre until September 14, 2023. Tickets are on sale at or by calling the Box Office at 780.425.1820.