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Shatner Shares: Five keys to longevity

Shatner shares thoughts on making it to a ripe old age, though he chalks it up to boldy saying 'yes' to all life's experiences that came his way.
William "age is just a number" Shatner, now 91. Photo by Aaron Farrier

Speaking to William Shatner on the phone this week, it was easy to forget this Quebec-raised thespian is 91. Playful and energetic, Shatner shared a few thoughts on life as a nonagenarian. Read the full article in April's Alberta Prime Times print newspaper, and at starting in early April.

1) Just Keep Going. Shatner says though he deals with arthritis and tinnitus, he pushes himself to move every day. The longtime horseman rides a couple of times a week, swims most mornings and rides his electric bike too.

2) Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously. Known for classic, dramatic roles in the Star Trek franchise and police/law dramas like T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal, Shatner has also made much of his career from mocking those early, earnest roles, becoming almost a caricature of himself. "It makes life fun," he said.

3)  Keep Your Mind Active. Shatner says he still reads newspapers and books all the time. "I’m feeding my mind. Luckily mine hasn't slowed down too much."

4) Go into Space. True, only a rare few will ever know what this is like. But in October, 2021 became the oldest person to fly into space, joining Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and its second sub-orbital human spaceflight. The actor described the journey as transformative and life-changing.

5) Write a Book! (Or make a documentary). Understandably, Shatner has a life of achievements that have filled more than one book or hours of screentime. In the new, fan-funded documentary You Can Call Me Bill, Shatner offers an intimate portrait of his journey of nine decades on earth. "I've always said 'yes' to life; to all the experiences I can," revealed Shatner. Check out the documentary which premiered in mid-March, 2023.