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Three home upgrades you can do in winter

Tackle an easy, wintertime home reno project this year.
Big and small home updates are possible during the winter months. Check out these options. Photo supplied.

Winter may not be the time you typically think of tackling home renovations, what with its harsh and unpredictable weather. But there are plenty of updates you can complete without trouble any time of year, both big and small. Check out these ideas:

Kitchen cabinet refresh
Before your next get-together, try your hand at refacing your kitchen cabinets. It’s an affordable way to give this important space a whole new look for less time, money, and hassle than a full remodel. Remove the doors, sand them down and apply new primer and paint. The type of sandpaper and paint you use may depend on the existing finish. Top off the look with stylish new hardware for what feels like a serious upgrade.

Updated attic
It’s smart to do any attic projects during the colder months; in warmer seasons it may get too hot up there to work safely. For simple updated storage space, declutter any junk you’re stowing up there, check your insulation and seal up any pesky air leaks – you’ll feel leaks best in winter. Always seek a permit for a bigger project and make sure the floor is sound enough for your vision.

Modern fireplace
A fireplace can be a highly rewarding project that adds polish and warmth to your living space. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, it’s relatively simple to add a direct-vent or zero clearance one you can enjoy throughout the season. To enhance the cozy vibes of your new fire feature or to seriously upgrade an old one, consider facing the fireplace surround with elegant stone veneer.