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Valentine's Day in a pandemic: seven ways to celebrate

Valentine's Day need not be nixed during the pandemic. Enjoy a meal, a walk, a movie and more.
Pandemic or not, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with the ones you love. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Although COVID-19 continues to restrict in-person social plans, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Whether you're spending time with your partner, your family and friends, or doing it virtually, you can still make Valentine’s Day memories. Here are a few ideas: 

Breakfast in Bed - This is a winning idea for anyone--maybe with some pancakes or French toast, along with a little fresh fruit and personal cup of coffee. I like a French Press or the Melitta-type pour-over coffeemaker --it's like your very own little coffee maker at the bedside--no plug in needed. Love it.

Take a Walk - It may be crazy cold this weekend, but we all know how to dress for a Canadian winter. Grab the long underwear, don the toque, scarf, mitts and your warmest jacket and head out for a brisk walk through the neighbourhood. You can bring a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy your loved one's company in the elements.

Deliver the goods - According to Aligra Wine & Spirits, shopping local is romantic too. The Edmonton specialty liquor store has a Valentine's Day package with wine, chocolate and flowers in a reusable tote, ready for pickup just before V-Day. You can fashion your own version of this too, but why not enjoy this one-stop shopping experience?

Dress up for a date-night at home - Put on a suit or your favourite dress and enjoy a romantic date night at home. Make a delicious meal and kick things up a notch with a specialty cocktail. Coffee expert Dan Pabst says this take on a White Russian is great for sharing, and easy to prepare. Just mix two ounces of vodka with one ounce of a hazelnut creme-flavoured cold brew coffee and an ounce of heavy cream. Pour over ice and Voila! You've just created a fancy drink to share with your sweetheart.

Speak the language of love - A recent survey showed that speaking Italian gets the heart rate up, so Provaci?  Other languages that trigger people in a good way include Portugese and French. Less seductive languages to those surveyed include Dutch and German. Break out a language learning app, perhaps?

Board game blitz - A post-dinner game of Scrabble or Monopoly, perhaps? You can play online too--a nice way to interact and laugh with your favourite people.

Movie, maybe? - We all love to curl up on the sofa with some popcorn and a good flick. Rom-com, comedy or action/adventure, a movie is always a great way to hang out with the one you love. Make the evening even more special with some strawberries dipped in chocolate and a blanket for two.