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What's on your Alberta bucket list?

Have you checked out the giant sausage and perogy? Made your own Bannock? Follow along in this Alberta bucket list book and choose your own adventure!

As the summer heats up, literally, and families take off on vacation throughout the province, it's the right time to peruse the latest from Edmonton writer Emil Tiedemann, who offers travel ideas with The Ultimate Alberta Bucket List: 100 Adventures to Truly Experience Alberta.

Released in late 2022, the paperback is a handy reference for those travelling local this year, or in vacations to come. Tiedemann says though he hasn't experienced all these adventures himself, his research uncovered many hidden gems, along with tried-and-true favourites like camping in the Canadian Rockies, visiting the Drumheller Hoodoos and going to the top of the Calgary Tower. 

"It's kind of embarrassing. I've lived in Alberta all my life but there's so many towns, attractions and experiences I haven't done," said Tiedemann, pointing to a hike in Wood Buffalo National Park as high on his list. "No one ever talks about it--it's massive and fascinating. The same with Waterton--the diversity in our province is amazing."

The user-friendly book is part guide/part journal, with a brief adventure description and room to write impressions or add a photo. Readers can take in the regional adventures, or flip through the pages and pick an adventure randomly, somewhere in the province. How about, for example, taking a selfie at the Lethbridge High Level Bridge, experiencing the ice bubbles of Abraham Lake (near Nordegg), or sipping high tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel? Don't know where that is? Google it, or get the book!

Here's something fun for the whole family: There are eight Alberta-themed bingo challenges at the back of the book featuring food, museums and haunted spots among others. If you visit a museum or festival, try a signature Alberta food (Green onion cakes, puffed wheat squares and Jacek chocolates are on one) or watch an Alberta-related movie, (Legends of the Fall, Cool Runnings and Brokeback Mountain included), fill in that bingo card! 

There is also a section that categorizes adventures by region for those that like to be organized, and adds handy tips on directions, contact information and whether an adventure is easy, moderate or hard. There's even an Alberta Bucket List Adventurers Facebook page, where readers can share photos, videos and experiences, a "virtual community of like-minded adventurers eager to experience Alberta."

"This definitely isn't your ordinary 'guide book', and the adventures aren't in any sort of order. It's a journal, a companion to learn about and record about your adventures; indoor and outdoor things, for all seasons," Tiedemann added. "I heard about a retired couple who started doing the outdoor adventures, and they wanted it to be good for all ages; to make a game of it all, and have fun crossing things off as they experienced it. The bingo is great for that.

"I hope the book inspires people to embrace treading outside their comfort zone, to be safe and respectful of others and the environment but to go for it! Because what is life without adventure?"

Here's Tiedemann's ingredient list for one of his adventures: Make your own fried Bannock:

Fried Bannock Ingredients:

- 6 cups of all-purpose flour

- 2.5 tablespoons of baking powder

- 1 teaspoon of salt

- 2 tablespoons of butter (or margarine)

- 3.5 cups of milk (or water)

- 1.4 - 2L of cooking oil

Heat oil in a large Dutch oven to medium/medium-high. Mix all other ingredients and knead, roll out dough and cut into pieces, about 12-15 in all. Fry, turning half way, when one side is golden brown.

See for more on his adventures and where to get the book. Happy adventuring!