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What's your bagel preference? And do you say BAY-gel or BAH-gel?

National Bagel Day a perfect time for the great debate--breakfast only or anytime? Savoury or sweet?
Berry Butter Brioche Bagel (1)
Love a bagel? You're not alone. Photo: Dempster's

This weekend is National Bagel Day--yes, there's a day for that too. To mark the occasion, we've got bagelicious details about a recent survey--something to chew on.

Canadian bagel connoisseurs have 'fessed up about their diverse preferences around all thing's bagels. Cream cheese or jam? Bay-gel or Bah-gel? A national survey* commissioned by popular bagel-maker Dempster's, uncovered half (47 per cent) of these Canadians feel strongly about the way they enjoy their bagels. 

Despite the diversity in preferences, the survey uncovered no shortage of strong opinions. The Great Bagel Debate has gone beyond flavours and toppings to pronunciation! Potato, pot-ah-to, tomato, tom-ah-to, bay-gel or bah-gel? It turns out, the vast majority (83 per cent) of bagel enthusiasts pronounce bagel as BAY-gel, rather than BAH-gel.

When it comes to toppings, a whopping 73 per cent give it to cream cheese. Butter follows in a close second at 69 per cent and cheddar cheese takes third place at 59 per cent. In addition to these tried-and-true toppings, other strange-ish contenders include mustard (18 per cent), guacamole (18 per cent), pickles (15 per cent) and even pesto (10 per cent). 

When asked to choose a certain time of day, mornings are the winner, with 65 per cent seeing bagels as a breakfast-only meal. This also begs the question - sweet or savoury? When asked to decide, it turns out a majority (53 per cent) choose savoury bagels over those that are either sweet (16 percent) or both (31%). 

What's your bagel preference? Got a favourite topping, sweet or savoury? Something unusual? Share with us on Facebook.