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Your Voice: April

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Want to try a new activity? What about court shuffleboard? New members wanted, see for more. Photo supplied.

Have you tried court shuffleboard?

The Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Association (GESA) starts its seventh season this April at the Ottewell Curling Rink. The group ran during the pandemic--with restrictions--and not a single case of COVID-19 resulted from play. GESA converted the curling rink into 24 shuffleboard courts, making it one of the premier facilities of its kind in Canada.

For those unfamiliar with court shuffleboard, the modern game started in Florida as something to do on cruise ships. Many snowbirds have learned to play the game in the southern U.S, so now GESA has brought the game north. The game is similar to curling in many ways and is great for all ages. It's mentally challenging--where decisions and shooting finesse come into play--but not physically demanding, and can be played by those with physical handicaps. 

Court shuffleboard is an easy game to learn and free lessons and all equipment are provided by the club. Shuffling is a great way to meet new or old friends, get in some easy exercise and laughter, and it is 100% pure FUN! Drop-ins are offered for those who just want to give it a try. Join anytime 10am or 12:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays; also Thurs. at 7pm. The club also hosts two open tournaments during the season; a singles event May 15-17 and a mixed doubles July 24 to 26.

The Ottewell Curling Rink is at 4205 - 102 Avenue just west of the ESSO refinery off of Baseline Road. For more, visit or phone Wally at 780 690-5004.

Wally Bentt, Edmonton, AB

More Calgary, please

I'm 87, and am a 'walking drug store'. But now living at Grand Seton Village, I spend time in the wood shop, building and making flower pots for the people here. We read Prime Times and enjoy all the articles in your paper, but we want to see more advertising for Calgary seniors' homes and services. 

Bruce Turgeon, Calgary, AB


Re: Keep Your Liver Healthy (March 2023)

The article suggests wearing a mask when handling/using toxins. This means wearing a proper respirator, not a COVID/surgical mask. Purchase proper respirators from home improvement centres or industrial safety equipment suppliers. The cost is 50 to 70 dollars, but that cost is much less than medical costs.

Heather Dawn Green, Calgary AB




I just received an email; I can’t believe it was for me

I’ll be getting a large investment, for a small finder’s fee

It came in broken English, but it was loud and clear

The urgency projected it would be quick to appear


Oh, look here is another, this must be my lucky day

For this one is a sweetheart who will love my life away

What a perfect combination a sweetheart and some money

My life’s about to change some, my future’s bright and sunny


Now I’ll have to take a loan for the money that they ask

I know the bank manager personally and will put him to the task

He’s helped me with my bankruptcy, and I know he’ll understand

I’ve already made 3 payments what’s another fifty grand


I’ll send them a message with information that they need

And hope that I am quick enough for the offers to proceed

I’ve been praying for a miracle, and it finally has arrived

A new love and some money; my life has been revived.

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert, AB


The Easter Season

We think of what to do for Easter, this special time of year.

We think of Easter lilies, so intricate, so unique, so white

Then we celebrate this wonderful Easter season with family,

The real joy of Easter.

Donna Kucheraway, Mundare, AB


What is the UCP doing for seniors?

The UPC seems to be having a dizzying time trying to buy the election. However, I have yet to see what else they will do for seniors. Cancel the Medical Driver Test fee? Funding for subsidized housing reinstated? Just wondering.

Jeanne McDermott, Edmonton AB

Smith's condolences are offensive

Danielle Smith's condolences to the two fallen EPS member's families and colleagues is very disingenuous. Smith offers condolences on one hand, then back hands EPS efforts to figure out what occurred, and instead uses the officers' deaths as a political platform to promote and gloat of the UCP downtown pilot Sheriff program. Smith's conduct is absolutely egregious, the fact that she and the UCP are in a position to lead the province, is appalling. Keep your fake condolences.

Ted Siim, Calgary AB

Gas prices

I was just curious, with Western Canadian select oil down to approximately 47$ a barrel--a drop of more than $12 in two weeks-- shouldn't the price be around 33 cents a litre at the pump?

Stuart Arnold, Calgary AB